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Certified Inspection Services, LLC


NWFACP License No. CP243915 -  ICRI/Certified Slab Moisture Tech -   NALFA Certified Inspector


Fee Schedule



Jobsite inspection, which includes written report:                                                      $ 700.00

Research and telephone time:                                                                                           85.00  per hour

General Consulting*/Site Inspection                                                                                  85.00  per hour

Mileage:                                                                                                                                    .58  per mile

Per Diem – overnight out of town travel:                                                                       $400.00  per day

Food, transportation, lodging etc., (applies to out of town travel only):                      Net cost

Deposition – Arbitration – Mediation – Trials etc.                                                        $250.00  per hour

·         All meetings billed at a four hour minimum plus mileage, associated expenses, meals and travel time at the billable rate. 


E-MAIL AND DOCUMENT REVIEW:                                                                                 $   30.00 each claim



·         Additional destructive testing                                                                                $  85.00 per hour

Concrete Emissions Testing*:

·         Calcium Chloride Test per ASTM F-1869-11 for 1st 1,000 SF                                $ 250.00       

 Plus each additional  1,000 SF tested                                                                        125.00 per each

·         In-situ Concrete Relative Humidity Testing, per ASTM F-2170-11 per each test     150.00 per each

               (Round trip travel time at $85.00 per hour plus mileage at $0.54 per mile)

Third party testing (i.e., independent lab):

If additional testing is required approval will be requested of the Commissioning Party in advance of lab test(s).  If approved, the Commissioning Party will make payment of the net amount of the invoice prepared by the independent lab. 


·         Payment to be made at the time of inspection

·         Credit Cards are accepted with a 4% Convenience fee

·         Payment will be made at the time of inspection regardless of the outcome of findings.

·         Payment also to be made regardless of cooperation from all parties involved.




Commissioning Party’s Name:______________________Job Reference:________________________

(Please Print)

Commissioning Party’s Signature:___________________Date:________________________________


Firm Name:_____________________________________

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